About Us

Welcome to our state-of- the-art centre for hair restoration, Skin treatment, cosmetology in Ahmedabad. Our board certified physicians offer the most accurate diagnosis and advanced treatments for hair loss for both men and women.

Reason to Visit

Skinedge has been forefront of hair restoration since its founding. We are dedicated to providing the most advanced , highest quality treatments for our patients. The list below provides you with some of the best reasons to visit our state-of-the-art facility in Ahmedabad city.

  • At SkinEdge, all consults are one-on-one consultations with a board certified physician. We do not have consultants and sales people. At our consult, you will receive an honest and thorough evaluation of your hair loss, including an explanation for its cause and a discussion for the best medical and surgical options for your particular case.
  • At SkinEdge, a hair transplant is only recommended if the patient is found to be an adequate candidate for surgery. Read about ‘Candidacy for a Hair Transplant’.
  • Skinedge is known for the creation of natural hairlines and undetectable hair transplant results.
  • Patient Education is a primary focus in our practice.
  • We have posted many before and after photographs on our website. View our Hair Transplant Photo Gallery
  • Our patients come from all over the world for our cutting edge technology, aesthetic mastery of hair restoration, and strict adherence to medical ethics.
  • A significant part of the practice at Skinedge is dedicated to hair transpant repair, with many patients coming to us to correct outdated or poorly-executed hair transplant procedures.
  • The physicians at Skinedge take pride in being readily accessible to our patients, as patient satisfaction is our number one concern.

ABHRS Certified

Only clinic in Gujarat, where doctor is certified by "American board of hair restoration surgery "


Out of many factors, that affect outcome of a hair transplant procedure , technology plays very important role in deciding how successful a hair transplant procedure is., other factor is skill and surgeon’s experience.

Here , we use the most advanced technology available in hair transplant industry.


Ellis instruments are gold standard in field of hair restoration, we get them from USA , helps in graft handling without trauma and mechanical damage


In FUE technique, punch plays a very important role in aesthetic outcome of donor area. Smaller and sharper the punches, better and faster the healing of donor area. Mediquip titanium tipped punches area the most advanced punches , available in size 0.7-1.1 mm for aesthetically pleasing outcome of donor area.


Implantation is most important part of procedure , on which density n natural outcome depends.For desired results , we use SAVA implanters and lion implanters


Appropriate magnification is very important in all precise and minute aspects of hair transplant procedure. Our loupes all doctors to achieve optimum magnification ensuring minimal damage to grafts and existing hair. These enable our doctors to work with high efficiency, less fatigued and longer hours for maximum output.


Focussed LED lights

offers low temperature , cooling effect and better environment for graft survival

Second Opinion

Second opinion matters

Its always advisable to review your choices and take a second opinion , when you plan for hair transplant. Compare the results and technology, be well aware what is right for you.


These days, many centres are offering hair transplant procedure facility. But we believe that with hair transplant procedure influence many aspects of person’s life like psychologically, aesthetically and financially, so results should be better than your expectation. Cost of hair transplant procedure vary because it depends upon various factors like Technique used, Instruments quality, Surgeon skill and experience. We are transparent with charges. We charge as per technique used and number of grafts implanted. So, call us to know more.